Our group fitness classes are such a testimony of how great Shapes creates a safe, fun, welcoming environment for all shapes, sizes and levels. We have been so successful for years and recognized by American Council of Exercise as a provider along with the rights to our own line of Shapes Branded Strength Classes. Whether you are “Pumping” in our signature Pump class in California or sweating in our branded “Trifecta” class in South Florida, you can be rest assured you will have consistency and your class will be sealed with the same touch of the “Shapes Touch of Fitness Fun” across the board!

At Shapes we know that the keys of Fitness for Women are found in accountability, results and fun! We have designed our group fitness program to be the ultimate key, unlocking the door and providing an entrance to the life change you have been waiting to make!

At Shapes, we have designed our group fitness program to keep your fitness life balanced for you. We offer a wide variety of classes in all of the three of the main components of group fitness: CARDIO, STRENGTH and MIND/BODY.

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Cardio Drills:

Our hi/low cardio workout designed to keep your heart pumping with pop moves and timeless music. Recommended for all levels.

Gym Jab:

Jump and jab in this high energy workout designed around traditional martial arts disciplines. Recommended for all levels.


Pilates and boxing with a dash of dance.


50 minutes of dance fitness that will leave you feeling alive. It’s a party on the dance floor.


A new twist on the ever-popular step program.


Group fitness inspired by drumming.


The class for the young at heart. Recommended for our aging and ageless.



Experience a high-energy 3-way circuit format designed to target the whole body with cardio, strength and core exercise patterns. Recommended for all levels.


Our signature boot camp style workout formatted to include all our club’s toys and tools in one 50-minute workout. Modifications will be introduced for beginners.


Our signature high-energy barbell resistance training workout formatted to music. Recommended for all levels.

Six Pack:

30-minute specialty class devoted to isolating and developing your core muscles.

Buns and Guns:

30-minute specialty class formatted to strengthen glutes and tone the upper body.

Co-Ed Bootcamp:

A variety of cardio, strength and stretching for all levels and ages starting at 5 years and up. This class is fun for the family and gives a great workout.



Leave feeling centered and calm after participating in a traditional yoga format. Recommended for all levels.

Barre and Beyond:

Popular ballet inspired total body strength workout.

Deep Stretch:

An exercise recovery program whose purpose is to decrease risk of injury while increasing the speed of expected results.


A physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century focusing on core stabilization and strength.

   Classes Found Exclusively at Shapes Fitness for Women